The word 'Simple' refers to the fact that this web application simplifies the task of the conference organizers greatly.

This web application allows users to upload Word documents after selecting the session the presentation belongs to. The Book of Abstracts Generator will create the abstract book of the conference by compiling the individual Word files into one book. This Book of Abstracts Generator - Made it Simple module consist of two parts:

Abstract Uploader

Attendees upload their abstract in Word format. The layout of the abstract might be predefined by the conference organizers.

There are only a few questions on the abstract submission form to make it simple not only for the organizers, but for the conference attendees as well. The user can select the preferred session for his submission. Abstracts will be uploaded as a Word file, eventually in a predefined template described by the organizers. After the successful upload, organizers will be notified about the submission in e-mail. The author will also receive an acknowledgement mail with the data and file he submitted.

Book of Abstract Generator - Made it Simple

Book Generator

The Book of Abstracts will be generated in Word format by compiling the Word files into one abstract book. The session information will be taken into account by the abstract book generator. 

From the uploaded abstracts the formatted Book of Abstracts will be automatically generated into a file in Word or .pdf format to be distributed among the conference participants in printed or electronic format. Layout is defined by the format of the uploaded Word files.

Book of Abstracts Generator for conference websites


As an example, see the generated Book of Abstracts for the ISPAC 2012 Conference here (slow download, ~110 pages in .pdf). The automatically generated pages start at page 10.

The Book of Abstracts Module can be part of your full featured, mobile-friendly conference website, or we can set it up as an individual module for you.