The Book of Abstracts Generator - The Complete Solution gives event organizers great control over the assembling of the abstract book of the conference. They can assign the submissions to sessions, they can define the order of the sessions, as well as the order of abstracts inside of sessions. Further, the layout of the generated abstract book might be defined and fine tuned.

The Book of Abstracts Module consists of three parts:

Abstract Uploader

Attendees upload their abstract with image(s).                                                          

The questions on the form might be defined by the conference organizers. Abstracts will be uploaded in plain text, it is not required of the attendees to upload their text in a predefined template. Final format of the Book of Abstracts will be defined by the Book Generator.

Abstract submission form in conference website

Abstract Manager

Conference organizers set order and session information for the abstracts.

Before generating the Book of Abstracts the order and the session of the abstracts can defined by the conference organizers using an online overview. The Book Generator will take into account this information set by the organizers.


Book of Abstracts Abstracts Manager

Book Generator

The Book of Abstracts will be generated nicely formatted in Word or .pdf format.

From the uploaded abstracts the formatted Book of Abstracts will be automatically generated into a file in .pdf or Word format which can be distributed among the conference participants in printed or electronic format. Layout might be defined by the conference organizers:

Book of Abstracts Generator for conference websites


As an example, see the generated Book of Abstracts for the ISPAC 2012 Conference here (slow download, ~110 pages in .pdf). The automatically generated pages start at page 10.

The Book of Abstracts Module can be part of your full featured, mobile-friendly conference website, or we can set it up as an individual module for you.


Price for the Book of Abstracts Module - The Complete Solution

The Book of Abstract Module is included into the conference website we offer. We also offer the Book of Abstract Module - without a website-  for your event in your house style with your logo:


Custom - Made it simple

Complete control

€ 99.00

€ 199.00

€ 399.00

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