The information below is valid for our Online payment module. Please, look around on our website to get information about our other solutions, like our complete event website, or our other modules.

Step 1: Fill out the request form

Please, give us information about the event and the type and amount of fees you want to collect by filling out the request form.  After that we will setup the online payment module for your event very fast (~ within 1-2 working days).

Step 2: We setup the online payment module for you

We setup the online payment module for you on our server and send you the address in e-mail.

Step 3: Inform the participants

You publish the information to the participants of your event: they will be able to pay the event ticket (or conference fees) using the online payment module.

Step 4: You get the payments

You will get the payments on a weekly basis from us paid to the account you specify.

If you have your own PayPal business account, we can connect the payment module to that account to allow you to accumulate the incoming payments on that account.

Interested? Request the setup for an online payment module or Contact us for more details