For years, we have been very pleased with our new conference website developed by Andora Consulting. The website not only aids our organization tasks tremendously, it also enhances the visibility of our conferences and our sponsors in the world. Its easy-to-edit content management system allows us to keep our content up to date very efficiently. The rich conference management functionality not only takes the work out of our hands, it also helps to keep records of the actions of our conference participants. We have a clear overview of the status of the conference any time: about the registrations, payments, uploaded abstracts, etc. The Book of Abstracts were generated automatically from the uploaded submissions. We are definitely willing to continue working with this very efficient company.

Dr. Jean-Luc Pellequer

AFM BioMed Conferences, France

The website for our European, scientific project helps the communication of our international research team enormously. Its functions help us to define hierarchical authorization levels for different groups in the  project team. The Working Groups can easily upload and share research information ensuring that everyone is authorized to download the specific document – and only that – which is relevant for the specific user.

The collaboration with Andora Consulting is very smooth and pleasant, they always supply us with the necessary information in an easy-to-understand form and they respond to our requests very fast. I feel I made the right decision three years ago when I decided to work with them. I was always very satisfied with their efficiency, patience and permanent availability to solve our problems and I am pretty sure it will continue to be this way.

Prof. Pierre Parot

COST Action TD1002, European network on applications of Atomic Force Microscopy to NanoMedicine and Life Sciences

AeroTech Development as a spin-off company needed a clear and recognizable company identity on the internet and beyond.

Andora Consulting provided us the expertise and platform to reach this in an efficient and satisfying way. Whenever needed Andora Consulting is able to solve eventual problems and answers our questions with patience, flexibility and without delay. The easy to use management platform allows us to continue building on our identity and visibility, while saving time for us to focus on what we do best.

We are confident to continue working with Andora Consulting in the future.

Dr. Joost Duvigneau

AeroTech Development BV, CTO, The Netherlands

ISPAC recently decided to substantially enhance the functionality and design of its website to better serve the ISPAC conferences. Andora consulting helped us to achieve these objectives in a very nice manner. The good visibility of the conference announcements, programs, sponsors  – first page references in Google search – definitely contributed to the success of the ISPAC 2012 meeting. The many online functions, like registration, hotel reservation forms, secure payment system allowed us to concentrate on the scientific level of the conference instead of spending much time on day-to-day organizational tasks.

Andora Consulting was very attentive and helpful. They are ready to go the extra step to solve eventual problems,on occasion even going beyond the contractual agreements.  

Prof. Julius G. Vancso

ISPAC Conferences, The Netherlands