Better-usability in conference websites by the successful marketing company, SpinWeb

I love to travel for both business and fun and I've attended lots of conferences. As an attendee, I register for events online and consume information primarily online via the conference website. As a speaker, I attend and present for a lot of conferences. I also submit proposals for presentations with the intention of presenting at the conference.

As I analyze conference websites, I see a lot of opportunities for improving usability among them. Why is usability important on a conference website? Probably the most important reason is that it can play a huge part in determining how many people actually register for your event, as well as the quality of the speakers. Read more >>


11 Things Attendees Hate About Your Conference Website

If you monitor the Analytics of your conference or event website and often wonder why your bounce rate (people coming in and leaving in 10 seconds) is so high, here are 11 items that may be robbing you of attendees.

No Clear Schedule of Events

This is actually quite common and it leaves me stumped. Conferences and Events are about the schedule so why would you skip putting a schedule on your website. I like to build TWO schedules into all client websites, a full schedule with links to speakers pages and bios and a printable-mobile-phonable-at-a-glance-schedule. You can even take it a step further and use apps that will allow attendees to create a custom, personal schedule. Read more >>